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Mulesoft Tutorial

Create Bulk Job Salesforce Connector – Mule 4

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MuleSoft Bulk Create Job Salesforce Connector

We might need to create bulk jobs in salesforce to perform insert, update or delete on huge records, also once the bulk job created in salesforce, the job runs in background.  In this tutorial we will be looking into how we can create job in Salesforce via Mule 4.

In this Salesforce Mule 4 tutorial we will be using below Mule 4 Salesforce connector to create Bulk V1 job in Salesforce:

  • Create Job
  • Create Batch
  • Close Job

We will be creating Bulk V1 Job with Upsert operation, in salesforce on Account Object. We will be sending Account details as JSON request to Mule 4 application, the application will then be creating a Bulk V1 job with multiple batches inside it. Once all the data is loaded into salesforce Bulk V1 job, mule 4 application will be closing the Bulk V1 job, so no other records or batches can be added to the Bulk V1 job.
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