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Being Healthy

How To Be Happy: 9 Secrets To a Happy Life

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Here are very simple 9 ways how one can live a happy and peaceful life, even if he is going through hard time in life.

  1. Read Holy Books

One must read his holy book no matter which religion he belongs to, as it introduces to the reality of life and blesses with the divine light. Faith is one of the most powerful tool that gives you the strength to overcome your biggest problems and fears.

Do read “Bhagavad Gita by Srila Prabhupada”. This book has the answers to all the mysteries of life, how we can attain happiness and it will help you make right decisions in every face of life. This book is one of the best motivational books you can ever find. Even if you are an atheist or believe some other religion just read it as a textbook.


  1. Ultimate truth – World of Sorrow and pain

As ‘Vidhyalaya’ (School in Hindi) is a place where education is given, similarly this world is a ‘Dukhalaya’ (world of sorrow) where we come to repay for the sins we had done in our past lives.

One should accept the hard reality, that we came in this world to repay for bad things we had done in our previous life. And accept the fact that pain and sorrow are bound to come no matter how rich or wealthy we become.


  1. Materialist world

One of the main reasons of sadness and sorrows are attachment to materialist objects. This world is full of materialistic objects and we humans easily fall into their trap and suffer. If one works on this duties and responsibilities selflessly, with minimal desire, he will have the strength to walk happily in most difficult time. These materialist desires lead people to do bad things or sinful activities. As per Bhagavad Gita, everything that exist in this world is materialistic except God himself and one should focus to achieve him.


  1. Law of karma

Everything is preplanned by All Mighty. And it’s all decided by your Karma.

Karma can be broadly categorized into-

Bad Karma – You get pain and sorrow because of your bad actions/sins that you have done in this or previous life.

Good Karma – You attain success, happiness because of your good actions done previously.

Law of karma Says – No matter what you do, you have to pay for your sins in this life or in next, and good karma cannot reduce or cancel your bad karmas.

If you face sorrow or pain in life remember God and let the bad phase pass. And like a good investment plan, do good to others selflessly, so that in future you get its return.


  1. Heaven is not the destination, but Mukti/Moksha is.

As per Bhagavata Gita, the ultimate destination of one’s soul is to reach  God (by attaining Moksha). Moksha is where soul gets rid of endless cycle of birth and death. One’s soul goes to heaven or hell based on his/her karma; or gets joy of heaven or pain like hell during his life on earth, once this tenure ends the soul is sent back to earth where it gets a new life; and cycle of life  begins again. To get rid of these birth death and rebirth, one should pray on regular basis and should remember god at time of death.

  1. Do what you are meant to do

As per Bhagavata Gita, one should work towards completing his responsibilities and duties. As a parent, as a spouse, as a sibling, as a child, as employee or employer in which ever role you are, one should fulfil it without any expectation or lust. Decision towards acting/on acting towards your responsibilities and duties also leads to karma.


  1. Do good in good times

One of the key mantra to be happy is to help others in need when you can. You can do this by starting with donating food or unwanted clothes. And trust me when you are in your bad time, these donations you made will give you a lot of motivation and peace of mind that you helped someone in need and god will help you when you need him.


  1. Pray and remember God

One should remember god in good and bad times. In good time one should thank him for his blessing on us and in bad time one should remember him as sooner or later he is the one who will take you out of all your miseries.


  1. Change your goal of life

Your goal in life, should be to achieve God by following his path. If your goal in life is to achieve materialistic desire (like money) then you will face sorrow in failing to achieve it, but if your end goal is to attain God and materialistic desire as secondary, there is a  very high possibility that you will face minimum pain if you fail in achieving materialistic desire.