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Create File Pallet

Create File
Create File activity is used to creates a new file or directory with the specified name. In this tutorial we will understand the configuration and exceptions of create file pallet .
In this tutorial we will create a BW proces as shown in the picture below.


Configuration Details

Input Details


Configuration Details

When checked it will overwite the existing file with the same.

When unchecked if file exist “FileAlreadyExistsException” exception is raised as shown in image below.


Is a Directory
When checked, the activity creates a directory instead of a file.

Create Non-Existing Directories
When checked, the activity creates all directories in the specified path, if they do not already exist.

If this field is unchecked and if there are one or more directories in the specified path that do not exist, an exception is raised.  If path given in input tab->Filename is “F:\Tibco\Projects\TibcoAZ\CreateNewFile.txt” and folder “TibcoAZ” is missing then “FileIOException” error is genrated as show below.


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