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RAML Interview Questions – Mule Tutorial

RAML Interview Questions.

In this mule tutorial, here are the most important and common RAML interview questions and answers which are bound to be asked in any Mule ESB interview.

1. What is RAML and why we use it?

RAML – RESTful API Modeling Language
RAML is similar to WSDL, it contains endpoint URL, request/response schema, HTTP methods and query and URI parameter.
RAML helps client (a consumer of the service) know, what the service is and what/how all operations can be invoked.
RAML helps the developer in creating the initial structure of this API. RAML can also be used for documentation purpose.

2. Who can you import RAML in your poject?

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3. How a request is validated when we create a project using RAML?

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4. What all are the HTTP methods that can be configured in RAML?

The HTTP methods are –
GET – Used to retrieve data.
PUT – used to update/Replace/modify data.
PATCH – used to partial Update/Modify
POST – used to add new record
DELETE – used to delete record

5. Can we have multiple request path in a RAML?

Yes we can have n number of request path in RAML.

6. Can we have same HTTP methods multiple times for a single request path?

No, we can use only 1 HTTP method once for single request path in RAML. Example: If request path is “/users/user” then can only define GET, PUT POST, PATCH or DELETE HTTP methods only once.

7. How can we make a resource in request path dynamic OR what are URI param?


8. Can we make URI parameter optional?


9. Can we have request schema in GET and DELETE http methods?


10. How can we define headers in RAML?


11. How can we import external files in RAML?


12. What are collection in RAML?


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