Tibco File Pallet Tibco Tutorial

Tibco – Read File Activity

Tibco Read File activity is used to read a particular file specified in the input.
In this tutorial we will create a Tibco BW process as shown in the images below.


Configuration Details

Exclude File Content
When unchecked it will read the file contents and load it in its output activity.

When checked specified file content is not read. Only file infomation is genrated like filename, location, type, size etc.

Input Details

encoding field is optional.

Output (On Successful Run)

Error Output

If specified file or location is not correct.

If text file’s encoding is not valid and the content of the file is read into process data. In the below image we have set encoding as “WrongEncoding-8”.

I/O exception occurred when trying to read the file.

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Varun Goel is a technology enthusiast with 6+ years exp in IT industry. In fact, he is been developing application after schooling as freelancer. Currently working with one of the Fortune’s 100 Companies having vast experience Mule ESB, Tibco, HTML5, CSS, JSS, Android, Core Java, JSP, PHP, MySQL, AutoCAD, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Flash CS and many more.

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